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(English) New regulations required from owner of holiday rentals by the Junta de Andalucía

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As from May 2016 properties situated in Andalucia and wich are promoted by their owners as avaliable for rental by tourists must be registered to tha effect, as quel as compying with a series of requeriments in terms of quality and security, with a faliure to do so attracting fines reaching 18.000 euros.

It is increasingly the custom that, across internet parform (eg. Windu.com; airbnb, niumba…) and traditional agencies, properties can be promoted as tourist locations. Depending on the zone where the house or apartmente is located and the type of dwelling, this can be much more profitable than long term rentals; headaches are usually fewer as people o vacation will pay in advance, in general an higher Price, stay a part of their time outside of the dwelling and often leave after a short stay.

As yet this type of accommodation has not been regulated in this region but which is now being set up by the Junta de Andalucia, given the importance of tourism and based onte need to ensow quality standards to the vacation rental in offer as well as security issues in terms of registering the identity of propiertors and those being accommodated.

Consequently, from the 11th may of this year 2.015, when the regional law comes into forcé, all people affected must take a declaration addressed to the Consejería de Turismo (regional minister of tourism) claiming that they and their dwellings meet the requirements enforced. From that very momento, the dwelling in question will enter in the register of tourism of Andalucia and a code will be issued to be inserted in every advertisement.

In addition, a written contract must be provided to every new host and who must present their I.D. card for entering in a registration boog and wich remains at the disposal of the regional administration for inspection with the associated documents for a period of at least one year.

Likewise this regional law gives and extended term to the lessors in order than they can proportion their dwellings with the security and quality required such as refrigeration, heating, medicine kits, instructions for domestic appliances, complaints book, etc.

Penalties for non compliance may vary according to the type of infraction, going up to 18.000 € in the case of a grave infraction, eg that of not registerin the property. In the case of reincidence sanctions could reach as high as 150.000 €.

In the event that you are affected by these new regulations, we encourage you to doctact AB/R Initia withput hesitation, as our lawyers can accomplish all the formalities on your behalf, alowwing you to continue with your activities free of concern.


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